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Japanese Weapons ᐉ Japanese Martial Arts Weapons

These are just some of the most known many weapons used in the Japonese Martial Arts such as : Abrojo, Bisento, Chigiriki, Daishō, Eku, Fukiya, Habaki, Iaitō, Khakkhara, Kunai, Metsubushi, Nagamaki, Ōdachi, Shinai, Tachi, and many, many more....

Buy the most authentic and practical japanese weapons. Functional Katanas, Wakizashis to Bokken and Tantos. Check our Samurai swords collection.

The Katana

The katana (in Japanese 日本 刀 nihontō, literally 'Japanese sword') or katana is a "kind of cutlass of Japanese origin" according to the RAE. Katana is the kun'yomi or Japanese reading of the kanji 刀; the on'yomi or Chinese reading is tō.

It refers to a particular type of single-edged, curved sword traditionally used by samurai. Its most frequent size is around a meter in length and a kilo in mass. The most widespread type of katana today is known as "Oda Nobunaga", alluding to the daimyō who created this model, with a curved blade and about a meter in total length.

The wakizashi

The wakizashi (脇 差 or 脇 指: わ き ざ し?), Also known as shōtō (小刀?), Is a traditional Japanese short sword, with a length of between 30 and 60 centimeters. In the case of the shorter one, one would almost have to speak of tantō, a Japanese type of knife.

Its shape is similar to that of the katana, although the blade is generally thinner and therefore can hit an unprotected target more seriously. Samurai warriors often carried both with them, collectively calling them daishō, literally 'the long and the short'.

The tantō

The tantō is a short-edged1 2 weapon similar to a single or double-edged dagger with a blade length between 15 and 30 cm (6-12 inches). At first glance it may be mistaken for a "small katana", but its design is actually different. Although the aesthetics are identical, the design of the blade and tsuka (grip) are substantially simpler.

The bokken

The bokken (木 剣 boku, "wood", and ken, "saber"?) Is a wooden saber used in various classical martial arts from Japan, mainly in: Japanese classical fencing or kenjutsu, modern traditional fencing or kendō, the art of drawing and cutting with the saber or iaidō, and the art of swordsmanship with a cane or jōdō. It is also used by several traditional Japanese martial arts essentially without weapons as an integral part of their practice such as: jiu jitsu, Aikidō, ninjutsu, judo and Japanese kobudō. It is used primarily as a replacement or representation of the real sword or katana.

Samurai swords should be displayed rather than stuffed into the back of your closet, and the Shikoto Lonquan Master Three-Sword Display Stand is the perfect method to do so. The stand is made of solid wood and has a matte black finish, and it can accommodate three swords horizontally. The tabletop d..
Ex Tax:28.92€
Brand: Hanwei
The Hanwei Bushido Tanto is created to carry on the heritage of Bushido, or "Way of the Warrior," which describes the rule of conduct that an honorable Samurai must follow.The Bushido Tanto's blade is made of K120C powder steel and is hand-forged and folded. The cherry blossom (sakura) blooms are in..
Ex Tax:451.23€
Brand: Hanwei
This Stand is perfectly suited for presenting two Katana, Wakizashi or other Japanese swords.It is made of black lacquered wood. Each support rail is lined for the protection of the finish...
Ex Tax:24.79€
Functional Katana Set Functional Katana Set
Brand: Amont
Functional Katana set made with a 102 cm blade of AISI 1045 carbon steel with an edge and a strung handle.Includes black sheath and black stringing, replacement tsuba, table stand and cleaning box...
Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: Amont
Functional Katana set, wood coloured and made with a 102 cm blade of AISI 1045 carbon steel with an edge and a strung handle.Includes black sheath and black stringing, replacement tsuba, table stand and cleaning box...
Ex Tax:81.82€
Brand: Bushiden
Tameshigiri 試切 is the art of testing Japanese swords. From the period of the Kingdoms to the beginning of the Edo period, cutting tests were carried out in various places for the purpose of training in martial arts and especially a verification of the performance of the blades. Nowadays, cutting tes..
Ex Tax:285.04€
Functional Katana, Battodo Edition Functional Katana, Battodo Edition
Brand: Bushiden
Battodo is in Japan, a discipline in its own right. This Japanese martial art has a goal of drawing then cutting, this complementary discipline is essential to Iaido, Kendo, Kenjitsu. each batto-do technique is inspired by a katana duel between people of the same technical level. The Katas are prima..
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Gift Certificate Gift Certificate
Gift certificates from the Medieval Armoury are ideal for any holiday or occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. Any time of the year, our gift vouchers can be used to purchase any of our items on our website. The Gift Certificate is emailed to the recipient of your choosing the..
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Brand: Cold Steel
The Gold Lion Wakizashi mirrors the materials, fit and finish of its larger brother (Gold Lion Katana) in every way except size. It is equally light and fast, and with the same high-quality materials, but at a fraction of the size, making it an exquisite companion piece to the Gold Lion Katana, or a..
Ex Tax:611.56€
Brand: John Lee
Hand-forged samurai sword from the John Lee series. Masterpieces of asian swordcrafthandforged from carbon steel and traditionally hardenedthe blades were folded 12 times (8000 layers) and display lovely damascus propertiesthe sharpened blade has a fuller for weight reductionthe hilt (tsuka) is made..
Ex Tax:203.26€
Brand: Hanwei
This masterly forged Samurai sword features a beautiful evenly waved hamon and finely rendered snake motifs gracing the kashira, fuchi and tsuba.This Samurai sword is mounted in black and white and features black same (ray skin). The tsuka-ito is made of premium white cotton. The menuki show a pair ..
Ex Tax:1,074.37€
Brand: Bushiden
Iaito 菊 (Kiku) with Light Steel blade (850 grams). The 71 cm blade is ideal for practitioners from 165cm to 170cm.The iaitos of the BUSHIDEN brand are swords designed specifically for the practice of Iaido. They have been developed with the collaboration of teachers and practitioners of Iaido and Ai..
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