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The falcata is a curved-edged sword from pre-Roman Iberia. Its use is historically associated with the populations of the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula during the conquest of Hispania, where it constitutes one of the most emblematic native knives of antiquity.

The falcata has a curved and asymmetrical blade, typically single-edged, the outline of which rotates forward in a concave manner before moving back toward the axis of symmetry at the tip. This shape places the center of gravity of the bar approximately halfway up the blade and raises the cutting point closer to the tip, maximizing the power of each cut without throwing it off balance. Sometimes it has grooves on the non-cutting edge that allow to lighten the weight of the weapon, as well as decorations in damascene or coffin, filling the incisions previously made in the blade with silver threads.

The hilt, as characteristic as the blade, is small and single-handed, and is normally offset to one side with respect to the axis of the sword. Its shape hugs the user's hand in a hook-like curve, sometimes reattaching to the blade with a chain or rivet to form a complete guard. It usually has bone or ivory scales and a pommel in the shape of a horse or griffin head.

The shape and disposition of the falcata make it an eminently cutting weapon, a task in which it performs with great efficiency compared to other types of swords. However, the frequent presence of a back edge (the edge of the edge opposite to the main edge, which occupies about the third closest to the tip) in the recovered specimens seems to suggest that it is also possible to use it as a lunge weapon.

Iberian Falcata, Bronze Finishing Iberian Falcata, Bronze Finishing
-10 %
Brand: Marto
The falcata is a steel sword that originated in Iberia and is so associated with Iberian original populations prior to the Roman conquest. It was the most prevalent sword in the territory of the peninsula, and it was employed by Iberian countries or neighbors such as the Celtiberians. The quality of..
133.20€ 148.00€
Ex Tax:110.08€
Brand: Art Gladius
The blade of this Iberian Falcata is made of stainless steel with a black-etched bird motif.Handle painted in gold and blood red on ZamakApproximately 64cms in total length..
Ex Tax:62.73€
Our falcata is a reproduction of a 4th–3rd century BC sword. It features a brass hilt with a horse head on it. Bone is used for the handle's sides, which are attached with brass rivets. The blade is made of carbon steel and has fascinating 'blood grooves.'The falcata is the traditional sword of the ..
Ex Tax:120.58€
Brand: JL Rubio
Beautiful Iberian Falcata made of stainless steel. It has 61cms of length and weights around 1Kg.Manufactured entirely by a master forger in Spain. One of the last remaining manufacturers in Toledo...
Ex Tax:107.44€
Iberian Falcata, Silver Finishing Iberian Falcata, Silver Finishing
-10 %
Brand: Marto
This Iberica Falcata has a silver zamak handle with fake ivory grip scales and a stainless steel blade. Marto's sword collection.The falcata is a form of white weapon, a steel blade that originated in Iberia and is hence linked to pre-Roman Iberian populations. It was commonly employed among the Ibe..
144.90€ 161.00€
Ex Tax:119.75€
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