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Infantry was the dominant military arm in ancient Greece, and the Spartan infantry eclipsed all others. A Spartan hoplite (footsoldier) wielded a pike of seven and a half to nine feet in length, which he handled more skillfully than his opponent did his own weapon of lesser stature. He donned a helmet, breastplate and greaves and carried a short sword at his waist.

He held so large a shield that it could be used as a stretcher to carry wounded from the field. This shield protected its bearer's left side and front, and extended far leftward to protect his neighbor's right side.

Dependence upon a neighbor's shield encouraged each hoplite to keep rank. These trained hoplites maneuvered in a formation, called a phalanx, of at least eight ranks deep. The Spartan phalanx was the most formidable sight on battlefields in the fifth century B.C .

  • The sword of Damocles. Damocles was a man who made a deal with king Dionysius of Syracuse to be kind for a day. Damocles enjoyed this until he noticed a sword hanging above him by a thread during lunch. Dionysius had put it there to teach him that a king is constantly in danger. (Note: while set in Greece, this parable was written by Cicero, a Roman orator.)
  • The harpe sword of Perseus. Called a “harpe” sword in reference to its curved shape, this sword was used to behead Medusa. (Note: The word harpe as used in the myth could have referred to the more traditional scythe, such as Kronos famously carried.)
  • The sword of Peleus. Peleus was a fairly important figure in Greek mythology. It was at his wedding that discord was sown among the gods, eventually leading to the Trojan War. He is most well known as the father to Achilles. His early life is too complicated and long for me to describe it here; I would suggest you look it up for more background. His sword was mainly important due to enchantments placed on it by Hermes, god of trickery.
Brand: Windlass
The guard is made of steel and the wooden handle is covered with leather. The blade is carbon steel. This sword is one of the best weapons of the ancient world.Includes wooden sheath covered with leather.The Greek hoplite was a tough and effective soldier and citizen, and fierce in the defense of hi..
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This reproduction of the Greco-Roman Short Sword, Parazonium, has an unsharpened blade forged out of high carbon steel and, its hilt featuring a pommel in the form of an eagle's head is carved from genuine animal bone.Delivery includes a matching leather-covered wooden scabbard with brass fittings.T..
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The blade of this reproduction of an ancient Greek hoplite sword is unsharpened spring steel. The blade has a prominent bulge in the centre, which is typical of antique weapons of this date and type. The handle is entirely made of brass and polished to a high sheen.A leather-covered hardwood scabbar..
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Greek Sword with Carved Details Greek Sword with Carved Details
-10 %
Brand: Marto
Greek Sword with a spectacular Central Vein Blade. The fist is Black Leather for a good grip. Exclusive circular guard with an impressive pommel in detail carved...
122.40€ 136.00€
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Many ancient Greek ceramics depict this sword style, which has an exquisite, steeply tapering blade and was also employed by Italic warriors during the 6th and 5th centuries B.C.Our reproduction is based on a lovely item discovered in Alfedena, in the Italian area of Abruzzi. The Samnites constructe..
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The leaf blade shape that is so distinctive of classic 6th-5th c. BC xiphoi can be seen on this excellent restoration of a hoplite sword. The untempered / unhardened EN45 spring steel blade is "waisted" at first, just below the wide heel, before gradually broadening and tapering back to the point. T..
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Replica of an original Greek Hoplite sword found in the necropolis of Campovalano, Italy, and dated to the 6th or 5th century B.C.The unsharpened blade is forged out of high carbon steel and features a typical midrib on each side. The hilt is made of steel and bone.The sword has a leather-wrapped wo..
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Brand: Windlass
Spartan Lakonia sword is a re-creation of the sword depicted in "The Spartan Army." The Spartan army was the greatest of the best, yet they were one of the most brutal in history. In hand-to-hand combat, the Spartan Lakonia was a must-have weapon. The blade is forged from high-carbon steel and has a..
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Brand: Windlass
Made of 1095 carbon steel. Hand forged and well tempered. With a 61 cm blade with a complete one in the center throughout. Full tang, made from traditional solid steel parts. Wooden grip with a genuine leather wrap. It comes equipped with a rough "battle worn" leather scabbard and baldric. An evil b..
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Sword of Alexander, The Great (Limited Edition) Sword of Alexander, The Great (Limited Edition)
-10 %
Brand: Marto
Alexander, The Great. Gorgeous sword with limited units. It is numbered and certified. The blade, cross and pommel have damascened inlaid gold details. The engraving in Gold and Black was done with acid to maintain the details even in the worst scenario.Alexander III of Macedonia, nicknamed Alexande..
455.40€ 506.00€
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