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Greco-Roman Short Sword, Parazonium | Roman Swords

Greco-Roman Short Sword, Parazonium | Roman Swords

This reproduction of the Greco-Roman Short Sword, Parazonium, has an unsharpened blade forged out of high carbon steel and, its hilt featuring a pommel in the form of an eagle's head is carved from genuine animal bone.

Delivery includes a matching leather-covered wooden scabbard with brass fittings.

The parazonium was actually an early Roman dagger, or at times a short sword, which had its origin in ancient Greece. It was predominantly carried by the high-ranking officers of the Roman legions as an auxiliary weapon to their sword (gladius). It is a precursor of the pugio.

Its tapering, leaf-shaped blade is a typical feature.

General Specifications
Material Spring steel EN45
Length 57 cms
Scabbard Yes
Sharp No
Blade Size 40 cms
Weight 1 Kg

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