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The crossbow is a propelling weapon that shoots arrows or bodoques, and is made composed of a bow positioned horizontally on a platform with a mechanism for tightening the string and another for shooting. It is still used today, albeit primarily for recreational purposes such as target shooting and hunting, despite the fact that it is a very old combat instrument.

Although the current nomenclature is stable, it has undergone various changes over time and between cultures, such as in the Middle Ages, when it was given a variety of other names, most of which were derived from the word ballista.

Crossbows were used extensively in European, North African, and Asian battles. They are thought to have originated in East Asia, specifically ancient China, based on the main source of archaeological evidence. One of the first textual allusions to crossbows may be found in the works of Mozi and Sun Tzu's followers in The Art of War, which was written between 500 B.C. and 300 A.D.

The crossbow, which is a development and enhancement of the bow and arrow, became widely employed in the West in the 10th century. The primitive wooden bow was replaced by an arbalest, a powerful metal bow made up of one or more metal rods linked together (like a carriage spring).

In today's sporting versions, the original braided vegetable or gut string has been replaced with wire and finally synthetic fibers. In current times, the original vegetable stick arrow has been replaced with a short metallic arrow capable of piercing armor and constructed of carbon. The arrow was placed in a grooved rail that ran perpendicular to the center of the arch and on which the driving rope or wire moved.

Crossbows of many varieties can be found in our catalog. The majority of them are designed for medieval re-enactments or larp wars, but we also have a selection of tactical crossbows for shooting practice. At, you may purchase a medieval crossbow right now.

Brand: Medio Evo
Reproduction on a scale of a ballesta, sometimes known as a pistol ballesta due to the fact that it arches once the tuerca is pressed. Considered an insidious weapon because it could easily be hidden in clothing, it was outlawed in the second half of the sixteenth century. Teniere de nacional fibra ..
Ex Tax:13.14€
Brand: Medio Evo
Crossbow with riffle style, so named because of the teniere's unique design, which includes a stepped hump behind the nut and rifle butt. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it was popular in Europe for leisure uses such as shooting. It is classified as light due to its modest size. Teniere made of ..
Ex Tax:32.98€
Brand: Medio Evo
Because of the unique teniere that arches behind the click of the nut, the Balestrino is also known as the pistol crossbow. It was forbidden in the second part of the 16th century as an insidious weapon because it could be easily hidden in the garments. Teniere made of national strong fiber woo..
Ex Tax:28.84€
Brand: Medio Evo
European crossbow typical of the first half of the fifteenth century which due to its small size was classified as light. The teniere is in national hard fiber wood with manual carving and floral decorations. The rope, made of intertwined hemp threads, is attached to the pointed ends of the steel ar..
Ex Tax:28.10€
Brand: Medio Evo
Crossbow from the first half of the 15th century in Europe. The teniere is made of national hard fiber wood with flower patterns and manual carving. The rope is comprised of braided hemp threads and is fastened to the steel arch's pointed ends, which are finished with leather. Burnished metal is use..
Ex Tax:52.88€
Brand: Medio Evo
Rifle crossbow, so named because of the teniere's unique design, which includes a stepped hump behind the nut and rifle butt. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it was popular in Europe for leisure uses such as shooting. Due to its vast size, the version in question is classified as heavy. Teniere ..
Ex Tax:60.25€
Brand: Mytholon
This crossbow is the extended version of our popular "Bernardo" crossbow and is suitable for shooting our long IDV bolts. "Sicuro" is manufactured in a small workshop in Italy and convinces by careful workmanship and a reliable release mechanism. The shaft is made of robust wood, the bow and stirrup..
Ex Tax:165.21€
Brand: Medio Evo
Crossbow with slingshot designed to throw small stones. Smaller version of the largest bullet crossbow used for hunting during the 16th century, it was built primarily to be used by the ladies of the court. Teniere in national shaped hard fiber wood with golden metal decorations. The two intertwined..
Ex Tax:23.96€
Brand: Medio Evo
Due to its size and power, the siege crossbow had to be used from a fixed position throughout Europe during the 15th century. The teniere is made of national strong fiber wood and features flower patterns and hand carving. The rope, which is made up of interlaced hemp threads, is fastened to the ste..
Ex Tax:148.68€
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