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Crossbow Pistol Style, 31 cms | Crossbows

Crossbow Pistol Style, 31 cms | Crossbows

Reproduction on a scale of a ballesta, sometimes known as a pistol ballesta due to the fact that it arches once the tuerca is pressed. Considered an insidious weapon because it could easily be hidden in clothing, it was outlawed in the second half of the sixteenth century. Teniere de nacional fibra dura with tallado y adornos florales. The cuerda, made of interlaced cámo hilos, connects the arco de acero's puntiagudo ends, which are finished with cuero acabados. The support, gatillo, point of view, and puntera's table are all made of rusted metal, while the applications are made of dorado metal. The ballesta is held in place by a wooden dardo with a metal point and natural feather aletas.

The entire length is 31 cms and the width 19 cms

General Specifications
Material Wood /Metal
Length 31 cms
Width 19 cms

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