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Claymore Sword, Marto Collection | Claymore Swords

Claymore Sword, Marto Collection | Claymore Swords

Claymore Sword, replicated by Marto.

Made in Stainless Steel, it has an overall length of approx. 145 cm and weighs around 2.5 Kgs. Gorgeous ornamental finishing. 

Claymore is a greatsword sharpened by both blades, which required both hands to be wielded and with a very long handle (at least a quarter of the total length of the weapon), which allowed the user to support it without the need to force maneuvers, or grab it by the base of the leaf. Used in combat on foot, designed to effectively attack layered plate armor and chain mail. They were used and developed by the Scottish highlanders, from shorter sword models. In the 13th century these swords were wielded by the Scots in their fight against the English invader.

Reproduction of a Scottish Claymore sword.

James I (1394 – 1437) King of Scotland, crowned King in 1424 at Scone. After crushing the House of Albano for the machinations they had had on him as a child, he reduced the powers of the feudal nobles, had the code of Scots law assembled, and introduced a system of weights and measures. Remarkable poet. He was assassinated by Sir Robert Gram in a conspiracy. Because of his bravery in battles and firm hand to rule he was called THE LION OF SCOTLAND

General Specifications
Material stainless steel
Length 145 cms
Scabbard No
Sharp No
Blade Size 106 cms
Weight 2.6 Kgs

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