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Classical Rapier Sword | Rapier & Fencing Swords

Classical Rapier Sword | Rapier & Fencing Swords

Exceptional Rapier, not only for its exquisite beauty. This Rapier is a replica of an original from the Hank Reinhardt Collection. This sword displays one of the most graceful and sublime designs in a period when no two swords were made exactly alike. (There were often tremendous differences between the Rapiers due to the fact that there were many highly skilled masters in the making of the blades and hilts. The exceptional design of the hilt is truly a work of art, and has been used for hundreds of years. This Rapier is Light and fast Made with a high carbon steel blade.

Sheath included.

  • Length: 112cm
  • Blade: 91cm
  • Weight: 907g
General Specifications
Material High carbon steel
Length 112 cm
Blade Size 91 cm
Weight 907 g

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