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Bushido Tanto | Tanto

Bushido Tanto | Tanto

The Hanwei Bushido Tanto is created to carry on the heritage of Bushido, or "Way of the Warrior," which describes the rule of conduct that an honorable Samurai must follow.

The Bushido Tanto's blade is made of K120C powder steel and is hand-forged and folded. The cherry blossom (sakura) blooms are inlaid in brass on the saya.

The tanto's tsuka is made of gold-plated brass with relief ornamentation. The sageo is made of high-quality Japanese cotton. Polished buffalo horn is used to make kojiri, koiguchi, and kurikata. The habaki is made of a single piece of brass.

  • Hand forged and folded steel blade
  • High quality  
  • Traditional construction
  • Blade material: K120C powder steel
  • Overall length: approx. 35.6 cm 
  • Blade length: approx. 22.9 cm 
  • Handle length: approx. 10.2 cm  
  • Weight: approx. 312 g          
  • Point of balance: approx. 2.5 cm from the guard
  • Blade width at guard: approx. 2.5 cm  
  • Blade thickness at guard: approx. 5 mm 
General Specifications
Material K120C powder steel
Length 35.6 cm
Blade Size 22.9 cm
Weight 312 g

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