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Barbarian Helmet - Polyurethane | Larp Helmets

Barbarian Helmet - Polyurethane | Larp Helmets

The Barbarian Helmet from Epic Armoury is a conical-shaped polyurethane helmet that is both simple and useful in combat. 

The helmet was inspired by the Normans helmets and painted to give a look of steel and leather. The helmet protects head and cheeks and to secure it, it has a leather chin strap.

The helmet is very lightweight, perfecto to be used for hours straight. Made for larpers or cosplayers. You should use it combined with a padded cap for comfort.

This PU Helmet is perfectly designed for a variety of uses such as LARP, Cosplay, Costume Parties or Theatre.

General Specifications
Material Polyurethane foam
Inside Circle 62 cms
Height 28 cms
Weight 426 grs

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