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Ancient Larp Spear | Larp Weapons

Ancient Larp Spear | Larp Weapons

This beautifull Ancient larp Spear is a long, leaf-shaped Roman spear perfect for your next medieval reenactment or LARP character. The spear is manufactured with lots of personality, including a spearhead featuring a golden fuller. These details continue down the pole with gorgeous brass-coloured bands and imitations of dark red leather bindings, giving way to a fine wooden texture painted to look like polished black wood.

The obvious and best choice to pair with this weapon is the Elliptical Shield, but this spear is neutral enough to be used with almost any combination of larp equipment that best fits your character. Made from durable closed cell foam and a fibreglass. Fnished with a strong and durable latex coating, you can feel very confident that your LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your character.


  • Also referred to as a "hasta", which is Latin word for spear
  • It was carried by early Roman Legionaries
  • The "hasta" was around 2 meters in length, usually with a shaft made from ash, while the head or top was of whrought iron
General Specifications
Material Ø 16 mm Hollow Fibreglass Tube / latex
Length 190 cms
Blade Size 47 cms
Weight 750 grs

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