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Spartan Helmet | Medieval Helmets

Spartan Helmet | Medieval Helmets

This spartan helmet is made of the best authentic materials, this incredible helmet is made of steel and plated in aged brass. It is fully lined in leather, with an adjustable lining and features a genuine horse hair crest.

An army of soldiers and animals gathers, so huge that the earth shakes when they march. An army, beyond what man could conceive or even imagine in his dreams, marches to devour Greece, led by Xerxes himself, to extinguish the world's only hope for reason and justice. Only three hundred brave souls stand in their way: as Xerxes will painfully discover, they are more than men. . . they are spartans

The helmet stands at an impressive 19 inches tall, and is truly worthy of being worn!

Soft, adjustable padded lining.

Includes exhibitor

* All dimensions are approximate and vary in each piece

General Specifications
Material Steel and Aged Brass bath
Inside Circle Approx. 61 cms
Height 48 cms
Weight 3.2 Kgs
Size 30x48x20 cm

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