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Chainmail Shirt John | Medieval Chainmail

Chainmail Shirt John | Medieval Chainmail

This short-sleeved medieval and larp chainmail shirt was built for average sized adults with a "normal" chest circumference. It is wide enough to be worn on top of a padded gambeson.

The sleeves cover some 2/3 of the arms - still being considered a short sleeve chain mail - and reaches down to the middle of your thigh.

We suggest to wear this chain mail with an average chest circumference from 90cm to 125cm. This way it chan be worn in combination with a padded gambeson and can extend itself to a maximum width of 140cm circumference. A belt can help to distribute the weight properly.

The blank version is fully galvanized and does not rust. Oiled and browned chainmails are ungalvanized and are supplied with a high lubrication. Please remove the excess oil before first use.

Ungalvanized chain shirts should be treated regularly with oil like Ballistol.

General Specifications
Material Steel
Ring Pattern 4-in-1
Ring Diameter 9 mm
Weight 12 Kgs

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