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Samurai Red Bracers | Medieval Bracers

Samurai Red Bracers | Medieval Bracers

These Samurai Red Bracers are a set of leather vambraces designed to protect the forearms and hands in combat. Made from full-grain leather, these bracers have been sculpted to comfortably follow the shape of the arms. The leather has been hardened and the edges curved to add structural strength that will ensure added protection and longevity.

Comfortably secure the Samurai Bracers by lacing the leather cords on the underside and tightly wrap the heavy cotton fabric around the wrist. Attach the handguard by gripping the cotton cord around the knuckles. Inspired by Asian traditional armour, these bracers are perfectly matched with other products from Epic Armoury’s Asian Universe.


  • Hand and arm protection are one of the oldest forms of armour, due to its importance in combat
  • This particular style might also be referred to as a demi-gauntlet, due to its limited finger protection
General Specifications
Material Full-grain leather
Weight 550 grs
Size Full Length: 37 cms, Elbow Width: 9 cms, Forearm T Width: 27 cms

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