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Throwing Weapons ᐉ Larp Weapons ᐉ Live Action Role Play

For your LARP character, purchase throwing weapons at Medieval Armoury.

All types of edged weapons and projectiles for live role playing can be found in our LARP throwing weapons section. These latex-lined foam weapons may be utilized in both live-action and softcombat scenarios, ensuring that they can be used safely and extensively.

Anyone can benefit from our selection of LARP throwing weapons, from adventurers who don't want to waste their money to wizards who need a way to cast their spells.

These throwing weapons are reproductions of weapons or physical projectiles, and they are an essential part of each character's arsenal; anyone may throw a dagger at a crucial moment! They can even be your character's primary weapon in rare circumstances. You may become the best thrower in the battlefield with enough practice.

Are you an assassin, a bandit, an adventurer, an arcane warrior, or some innocuous person in need of protection? Weapons are thrown. It has the ability to surprise you in more ways than you can imagine...

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