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Buy props for larp. Build your own larping camp. Every warrior, at any time, needs to rest and lay their body, from the insane world of combat and conquer. Medieval Armoury has a catalog of game props, camp props and decoration.

Either build camp with a safe fire pit to stove your food and to get warm, or even skulls chandelier to hang on your taver ceiling giving that terrorofic aspect of doom. In our online larp shop you will find a huge catalog of items to use during larping events, items to decorate your personal space, and much more.  Make your space speak for you, make your enemies chill with fear.

Commando Mesh Scarflow weightskin-friendly materialoptimal ventilation through mesh fabricuniversally applicable as scarf, headgear, for camouflaging equipment etc.approx. 190 x 90 cmapprox. 107 gram..
Ex Tax:8.18€
The main body of this dragon jug features dragons heads on both sides. The handle is beatifuly made with a dragons head and neck shape.This jug is perfect fo have a couple of drinks with your friends. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this jug comes with a removable ..
Ex Tax:9.01€
This completely working replica of a historical ball and chain is perfectly suited to symbolize punishment for crimes in a variety of historical eras. It's built of solid steel and has an old look to it...
Ex Tax:49.58€
Brand: Ulfberht
The model for this reconstruction can be found in the Lübecker Holstentor museum's torture chamber.The neck cuff is made out of two semicircular pieces of flat steel that were hand-forged. As a result, it can be folded and secured with a threaded bolt. The ideal addition to any medieval reenactment ..
Ex Tax:28.09€
Fully functional, heart-shaped or leaf-shaped padlock in medieval style, with 12cms height.Very sturdy construction, the hand-forged shackle and all parts are riveted...
Ex Tax:14.04€
Brand: Ulfberht
Three forged keys in historical style attached with a ring. This is a handsome accessory for LARP and reenactment...
Ex Tax:18.10€
This skull glass has a large skull in the center of the main body. This glass is ideal for sharing drinks with your pals. This jug is made of the finest resin and hand-painted, and it has a removable stainless-steel insert for easy cleaning.Safe to be used with drinks...
Ex Tax:9.01€
Larp Wrench Big Bertha Larp Wrench Big Bertha
Brand: Calimacil
Big Bertha is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large spanner similar to the ones we see in horror flicks where blood, gore and zombie parts fly everywhere. Like our other long weapons of our workshop, Big Bertha features a firm shape that does stands during fights yet remains soft and flexibl..
Ex Tax:32.98€
Brand: Ulfberht
Leather dice cup with embossed dragon motif, Jelling style, dark brownThis beautifully crafted leather dice cup is made of thick buffalo leather (grain leather) and vegetable tanned. The surface and the edges are polished and given a light color finish, which gives the leather its characteristic use..
Ex Tax:7.43€
Brand: Epic Armoury
This Camp Warmer with Metal Tray is a Roman inspired fire basket, designed for camping use on open ground, this camp warmer can be used to provide fire or light to your freezing sentries. The steel base is a 40 cm wide tray with a metal grip top, fitted to a steel fire basket reinforced with a metal..
Ex Tax:72.73€
According to popular belief in the Middle Ages, a knight prepared to embark on a long journey (such as a crusade, a war, or an Imperial Diet) had just one efficient technique to protect the beloved from unwelcome "access": the chastity belt, also known as the Florentine girdle.Our replica is made of..
Ex Tax:40.41€
Our reproductions of historical Medieval Foot Cuffs with Chains are fully functional and suitable for several eras. They are forged from solid steel and antique-finished.Perfecto for historical reenactment and larp events...
Ex Tax:28.84€
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